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Game boxes

We have put together a number of game boxes with game details that we ourselves can warmly recommend. If you choose one of our game boxes, we can promise that you will have a number of fantastic meals.

The game boxes are sold at 10-25% discount compared to what the details cost individually and always come with free shipping.

The game boxes are based on our most popular game meat that you can buy online. The boxes are composed with a mix of our own and our customers' favourites such as reindeer fillet, reindeer tenderloin, reindeer steak from the inner thigh, reindeer cavity, deer fillet, deer steak, moose back steak, moose steak from the inner thigh, moose mince, as well as smoked and dried game meat such as suovas.

The game boxes are based on our most popular game meat you can buy online.

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