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Game meat for grilling

Game meat is very good for grilling. Since game meat is generally low in fat, details with a slightly higher fat content are often best. As a suggestion, we would recommend moose entrecote or our specially developed reindeer barbecue items such as tomahawk, T-bone and reindeer racks. Game burgers and game sausages are also perfect for the grill.
Mufflonburgare av svenskt mufflonfår

Game meat should be grilled in a slightly different way compared to other meats.

Game meat is more delicate, leaner and more delicious than other meats and a good rule of thumb is to grill it thoroughly to get a cooked surface in a short period of time and then let the meat rest or use indirect heat until it is done if it is a thicker piece. Do not grill at a medium-high temperature. Forequarters generally require higher internal temperatures (60-65 degrees), hindquarters slightly lower (52-58 degrees) and fillets the lowest (48-52 degrees).

Reindeer carcass is the best game meat for grilling

The male reindeer is slaughtered in September just before the rut. This means that it has just had time to eat as much as possible during the summer months and has the most fat. This makes the meat exceptionally well suited for grilling.

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