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Recept på björnkött hos Swedish Wild

Bear meat recipes

Bear meat is an unusual and special game meat that can be delicious if cooked properly. In the wilds of America during the settler era, bear meat was actually considered the finest meat to eat. Deer was good for clothing and bear was good for the campfire. In fact, bear is the only game meat that you can actually cook a little more. Being "well done" doesn't always make it worse. The flavour of bear depends very much on what it has eaten. The meat tastes best when the diet has consisted of a lot of berries. Therefore, it is usually said that bear meat tastes best after a really good blueberry year. Since bear has been so rare to eat in Sweden over the past hundreds of years, we have not developed many local Swedish bear recipes. Therefore, we have searched from both North America and the continent for our recipes below.
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