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Vildsvinsfrikadeller i tomatsås gjord på vildsvinskött köpt från Swedish Wild

Recipe for wild boar

Wild boar meat is highly appreciated and popular on the continent, especially in Germany and Italy. In Sweden it is on the rise, but still relatively uncommon on our dinner tables. This is probably because the wild boar is now a relatively young element in the Swedish fauna and that we do not yet have a strong tradition around it in the same way as we have around, for example, moose, reindeer and deer.

Wild boar meat is a very good meat that we in Sweden often underestimate. In our opinion, the taste of the meat can best be described as comparable to the finest domestic pig. Imagine a pig that is allowed to go out all year round and only eat organic food such as acorns and mushrooms and other natural delicacies - that's how wild boar tastes.

We have started to post good recipes for wild boar. Below are our favourites.

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