Swedish bear in blossoming fields and summer sun

Bear meat has a strong gamey flavour and is the most exclusive and unusual game meat we offer. The bear, like Sweden's other large carnivores, may only be hunted under strictly regulated conditions and fewer than 300 animals are killed per year in Sweden.

The bear is a true omnivore and the flavour of bear meat often depends on what it has eaten during the year. It is said that bear meat tastes best when the diet consists largely of berries and therefore the meat should be at its best during a good blueberry year.

The brown bear is characterised by its large head, small eyes and a thick coat that varies from light brown to dark brown. An adult Swedish bear can reach an impressive length of almost 3 metres and a height at the withers of 150 centimetres. A male can weigh over 300 kg and a female 200 kg.

The bear was almost extinct in Sweden in the early 20th century, but is now protected and has recovered to a viable and stable population of almost 3,000 animals. It is generally found from Dalarna and Gävleborg counties northwards.

The hunting season is between 21 August and 15 October, but ends earlier if this year's maximum allocation has already been reached.

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