100% Swedish game meat from completely free-living animals

Sweden sets very high quality standards for the processing and sale of game meat. You can easily claim that Sweden has one of the best regulations in the world both for quality assurance of game meat as well as for the well-being of the wild animals. Precisely for these reasons have we have decided to only sell Swedish game meat from animals that roam free in Swedish nature.

All game meat from Swedish Wild thus comes from completely free wild animals in Sweden and our meat is tenderized, cut and packaged in Swedish facilities.

The animals are taken down during hunting season and then taken directly to a licensed Swedish game handling facility where they are first prepared to tenderize the meat and improve the taste even further. During the hanging process, enzymes are released that break down proteins in cells and connective tissue, so that the meat becomes extra tender. In addition to the taste being better, the difference is particularly noticeable when frying the meat, as not much liquid forms.

After tenderizing, the meat is cut and vacuum packed and then frozen immediately.