Your guide to buying wild game meat online

Cook venison with Swedish Wild - reindeer fillet

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to know which game meat to choose and how best to cook it. That's why we've put together this page to provide comprehensive tips and advice so that you can always be sure of success with your venison purchase.

First, we want to address those of you who are new to game and don't really know where to start. The very easiest thing is to buy a dried or smoked product that you can slice up and eat as a snack for pre-drinks or just as it is. Our most popular game meats that you don't need to cook are dried reindeer meat and smoked moose heart.

For cooking, we suggest a fallow deer tenderloin or reindeer tenderloin with our simple game sauce. With this, you can achieve maximum success despite minimal prior knowledge and with relatively little effort. Here you will find the recipe .

If you want to know more about how best to cook venison, we recommend that you visit our page How to cook venison .

In general, you can say that you can distinguish between game for everyday life and game for parties. Game is tastier, healthier and better for the environment than regular meat, so we recommend everyone to always choose game when you have the chance.

Smoked and dried venison

Smoked and dried venison belongs to a particularly delicate category of venison. We ourselves believe that smoked (especially Suovas and Gurpi ) and dried Swedish reindeer meat is among the best meat you can eat. Please visit our page on Smoked and dried venison .

Bear meat

If you are interested in our most unusual venison from bear, please take a look at our How to Succeed with Bear Meat page.

Game meat for a party

For the party, we recommend above all moose, reindeer and fallow deer, and then preferably the finer cuts such as fillet and sirloin (also called sirloin steak). Elk fillet is often hard to come by and looks impressive on any party stall, so it's something we can really recommend.

Feel free to serve dried reindeer meat or perhaps moose heart for the aperitif.

If you really want to indulge, then roe or sturgeon is a fantastic starter. We really recommend genuine Kalix Löjrom, which offers the best from the Swedish coast.

Game meat for everyday use

There are several types of game that can often be a bit more affordable and therefore suit well for everyday use. Wild boar meat is an example of this. You can make fantastically good recipes for wild boar that don't take too long or leave too deep a mark in the plan book. In the book Kocken & jägaren there are several examples of very good dishes. Reindeer is also very suitable for everyday use, as dishes such as reindeer shavings can be prepared very quickly and still be fantastically good.

It is perfectly possible to replace ground beef and pork with ground venison in a number of very popular everyday dishes. For example, feel free to try our recipe for moose burgers made with our Swedish moose mince .

Game meat to grill

Game meat is perfect for grilling. As you know, venison is very low in fat, so for the grill we recommend details that have a little more fat in them. We think, for example, that moose trecote is the perfect detail of moose meat for the barbecue.

Underrated venison

We like to highlight certain game details that are fantastically good and easy to prepare but which may not be as well known as, for example, fillet or rub. First up is Renstek from the inner thigh . It is an incredibly tender piece of meat that is fantastically good both as a steak and so tender that it goes very well as a tartare. At the same time, it is significantly cheaper than reindeer fillet.

Our game boxes with game meat

Some first pages that we advise everyone to look at are our recipes for game meat and our game boxes . The game boxes in particular are composed of game details that we, Johan and Patrik, recommend ourselves and which have recipes that we have tested ourselves. The recipes come from professional game chefs as well as from our customers and members of our Facebook group Swedish Wild Game Meat .

Game cookbooks

Furthermore, we have also tested and evaluated a number of different cookbooks for venison . We have posted the best ones we have found on our website. read more here