Tender, tasty and healthy game meat

Game meat is tender, tasty and healthy. The free animals feed on what they naturally find in the mountains and forests. This means that the meat is of course 100% free of antibiotics and growth hormones. All our meat is also hung for 4-7 days to give it extra tenderness and flavour.

The animals feed on different things. Below you will find an overview.

The reindeer - part of the Sami cultural heritage

  • The reindeer live freely in the mountains in the summer and migrate down to the coast in autumn/winter. During harsh winters there may be some feeding, but otherwise it supports itself on what it needs in nature
  • There are just over 250,000 wild reindeer in Sweden. The reindeer live in packs and are cared for by the Sami people in a similar way as they have done for hundreds of years. For many Sámi villages in northern Sweden, reindeer husbandry is not only a source of income but a way of preserving a proud cultural heritage that goes back thousands of years


  • Moose eats wild and fresh plants and the meat is thus very rich in nutrients and healthy Omega 3.
  • Norwegian moose is generally even more nutritious and the meat is 15-20% heavier than moose meat from southern Sweden. This is because the Norrland moose has access to a more nutritious diet during the summer months when it eats the most.

Lowland deer

  • Lowland deer normally eat grass and leaves during the summer and heather, lingonberry and bilberry rice, beech and acorns during autumn and winter. This diet makes the meat very rich in nutrients and healthy omega 3

Wild boar

  • Wild boar has a lovely gamey flavour that comes from an active and natural life in the wild and, unlike pork, the meat is very low in fat and cholesterol.
  • The wild boar, being the omnivore it is, lives on a mixed diet of roots, plants, nuts and even worms that it scavenges in the forest. This diet makes the meat very rich in nutrients and beneficial Omega 3
  • All wild boar meat is inspected by a veterinarian to ensure it is free of trichinae and disease


  • The bear is a true omnivore and the flavour of bear meat often depends very much on what it has eaten during the year. It is said that bear meat tastes best when the diet has consisted largely of berries and therefore the meat should be at its best during a good blueberry year, which was the case in most of Sweden in 2020
  • All bear meat, just like wild boar meat, is inspected by a veterinarian for trichinae