Meater+, wireless roasting and grilling thermometer with repeater


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Meater+ helps you achieve the perfect internal temperature of your game meat. There are a number of wireless roasting and grilling thermometers on the market and we think Meater+ and Meater are the best for game meat, especially for oven roasting and grilling. You connect the Meater+ via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Meater+ differs from the "regular" Meater in that it has a repeater built into the wooden box. The repeater (the wooden box) is best placed near the stove, oven or grill and the range increases to about 50 metres. This is particularly useful if you are grilling outdoors or want to move freely around the house with your mobile phone while cooking.

Key Benefits

- Completely wireless with a range of 50 metres using the repeater
- Dual sensors on a single transducer (measures both the meat and the ambient temperature)
- In-app cooking system that provides guidance with calculations and feedback
- Long range via Wi-Fi with access to MEATER Cloud
- The meter is automatically charged when placed in its wooden box. Charging is done with a battery that lasts for 100 charges

How Meater works

With Meater you don't have to keep time. When the meat is ready, you'll know via your mobile phone. This wireless cooking thermometer works as perfectly in the kitchen, in the oven and on the hob as it does on the grill.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, you can also connect Meater via Wi-Fi. This means you can have full control over the status and temperature of your oven or grill even when you leave home. In other words, you don't have to watch the food all the time - Meater CLOUD does it for you.

Meater also checks the ambient temperature of the meat as it is important for a good estimation of the cooking time. Therefore, the dual sensor measures both the internal and external temperature at the same time.

Smart cooking

Meater guides you through every step of the cooking process. All you have to do is follow the instructions for a perfect result.

Customised notifications

Want complete control over the cooking of your meat? Then you can customise the notifications as you wish.


Want to improve your cooking technique? Now's your chance! Meater gives you statistics, charts and logs for your cooking.

Your personal chef

Choose your meat and desired result and let Meater create the perfect cook.

Customised cooking

You know best how you want your meat. Enter it in the specifications and let Meater help you. Thanks to the dual sensor system, the Meater can tell you how long it will take so you can easily plan your time.

Calculating resting time

No more dry game meat and perfect resting time. Meater takes into account the elevated temperature when the meat is removed from the heat. It communicates the perfect time to lift the meat for the best possible end result.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Seems to work well

    Torbjörn S.

    Have tested once, the meat was perfect at the alarm temperature, you can adjust the degrees as desired 😋

    SH (Rundvik, SE)
    Perfect tool for the kitchen.

    Tested the Meater+ out at the weekend and it worked perfectly. Great app too.

    Birger D. (Stockholm, SE)

    Meater+, wireless frying and grilling thermometer with repeater

    High quality game meat

    Our concept is to offer the best game meat available, directly to you, the end customer. We make sure you can buy the cuts that are otherwise only sold to wholesalers and fine restaurants.

    100% natural

    We would argue that there is no meat in the world that is as gentle on animals, requires so little of the earth's resources to produce, and has such a low carbon footprint as Swedish game meat.

    A healthy alternative

    Game meat is naturally lean and nutritious because the animals live a free range life and graze naturally. This makes for a cleaner and healthier meat choice.