The chef and the hunter

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How to hunt and cook moose, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, grouse, duck and pigeon

By Mikael Einarsson and Hubbe Lemon

Kocken och jägaren is the best game cookbook we have been able to find for moose, fallow deer and wild boar. In it you will find several fantastic recipes that really take your game meat to new heights.

The book combines classic game cooking with solid hunting knowledge and practical tips. You will learn how to hunt and cook moose, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, grouse, duck and pigeon, but also how to use more parts of the animal, which parts are best eaten fresh and which you should freeze.

The Chef & the Hunter is also packed with classic cookery skills such as how to tie up a roast, pluck blood pigeon and how to make good game stock to keep in the freezer. They cook creamy Wallenbergers on venison mince for the family, make their own venison sausage to eat with a cup of broth on the pass, and offer the hunting team the world's best moose cabbage dumplings cooked over an open fire.

Mikael Einarsson is head chef at Frantzén's new venture Brasseri Astoria in Stockholm and has extensive experience of professionally preparing game both from The Square in London (two stars in the Michelin Guide) and from the classic kitchens Leijontornet, Pontus in the Greenhouse and Skebo Herrgård. He has been hunting for the last five years.

Hubbe Lemon runs Järinge gård in Roslagen, where he also does the hunting. He has hunted and fished since childhood and is involved in game management, hunting and guiding throughout the year.

When Mikael Einarsson worked as a chef at Skebo Manor in Roslagen, he became good friends with the farm's hunter Hubbe Lemon. Using their long experience from both the restaurant and the forest, they have now written a book together.

We have designed a game box with game meat especially for 5 recipes in this book. For the game box for Kocken & jägaren.

The book contains the following recipes:

  • Cabbage dumplings on moose
  • Hunter's goulash
  • Bean soup with smoked moose heart
  • Smoked moose heart
  • Moose liver anglais
  • Porterhouse moose steak
  • Thistle dumpling on moose liver steak
  • Croque monsieur on Tjälknöl
  • Moose steak with green pepper sauce
  • Moose roulades in cream sauce
  • Jägarpytt
  • Vildfond
  • Wild boar sausage in broth
  • Wild boar salsiccia in a thin bread roll
  • Scotch eggs with wild boar minced meat
  • Wild boar meatballs in tomato sauce
  • Ravioli with wild boar minced meat
  • Grilled wild boar flank steak
  • Warmly smoked wild boar side
  • Steam food with with grilled wild boar side
  • Whole grilled wild boar
  • Rubbed boiled wild boar sausage
  • Pulled wild pork in pita
  • Long-cooked venison neck on bone
  • Bone-in whole roasted deer steak
  • Rose roasted deer tenderloin
  • Wallenbergare on deer
  • Sandwich with wallenbergare
  • Diced tartar on deer loin tartar
  • Carpaccio of fallow deer
  • Grilled fallow deer heart special
  • Deer shoulder bourguignon
  • Deer cavity
  • Deer burger pre rigor mortis
  • Hare in blood sauce
  • Steaked pigeon breasts
  • Fully roasted dalripa
  • Grass duck breast with truffle cloud
  • Confit on grass duck thighs
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Göran L. (Bromma, SE)
Very good

Lovely Recipes

Helen T. (Gothenburg, SE)
Very nice book

Will give it away as a Christmas present

Märit R. (Uppsala, SE)

The cook and the hunter

Claes P. (Malmo, SE)
Reflects the content

Versatile and instructive.

Kerstin K.V. (Gothenburg, SE)
The cook and the hunter

Very nice book

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